Monique Landry knew that she wanted to be an engineer since her experience in high school. Landry attended an engineering-focused high school in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the engaging material stood out to her.

“I was excited to discover the field of architectural engineering because this field provides the unique opportunity to participate both in the technical aspects of design as well as the more visual and artistic ones,” said Landry.

The next step was for Landry to attend 网上靠谱的彩票平台. She knew a small school was the right fit for her and it offered her desired major, architectural engineering. Once she arrived at 网上靠谱的彩票平台, Landry got involved with the women’s rowing program.

When she joined the rowing team in 2018, the program was a club team operating under the men’s varsity rowing program. In 2019 the sport became varsity and was finally able to hire a dedicated coach for their program in the fall of 2021.

“We have a strong program of incredible women rowers; being on the team has made me physically stronger and faster, but more importantly, it has been the source of many of the most important relationships in my life,” said Landry. “Most of my best teammates, supporters, friends and mentors have come from the rowing team, as have many of my most treasured memories.”

Although rowing takes up a large amount of her time with early morning practices, Landry is also involved in many other organizations at 网上靠谱的彩票平台 and has been fortunate to hold a variety of internships as well.

On campus, she is involved in STEM to Stern, Engineers Without Borders and is a member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. STEM to Stern combines her love of rowing and engineering with a passion to help students. This program gives middle school students of color in Milwaukee an opportunity to be exposed to STEM education while also offering an opportunity to row and compete with Milwaukee Rowing Club.

“Each of these opportunities has been so rewarding and contributed greatly to my development as a leader, a teammate, a student and a person.”

Landry credits her ability to get involved in so many different opportunities to the scholarships she has been awarded throughout her time at 网上靠谱的彩票平台.

“It would be impossible for me to be involved with these programs if I didn’t have the financial freedom provided by the generous scholarships I have been awarded.”

By receiving scholarships, it has enabled not only involvement in on-campus organizations, internships, and volunteer opportunities but also peace of mind as she pursues her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

“Scholarships provide me with financial independence, which is essential for my livelihood. Coming from an unstable home, I lack the financial resources of most other students. More importantly, if I were focused on paying rent and tuition all the time, I would have to work constantly and would not have time to participate in the rowing team or any of my volunteer commitments.”

When she’s not out on the Milwaukee River rowing, in the classroom or volunteering, Landry can be found training at Neutral Ground Academy in Brazilian jiu jitsu or going for runs. She also loves to cook for her friends, especially making them her favorite vegetarian dishes.