Employers are often seeking candidates with experiences beyond the classroom.  Experiences with internships, servant leadership, and on-campus involvement help you apply concepts learned in the classroom while also gaining new and important skill sets.  There are multiple student success stories to prove it!  


Internships put you on a direct path to success, and you can start interning as soon as the summer after your first year. A great number of companies want to hire you as an intern to give them a competitive edge and to help them succeed.

Servant Leadership

Helping to foster the growth of civic-minded professionals!

Student Organizations

Meet new people. Fuel your passion. Get involved.

Service & Volunteer Opportunities

Service opportunities enable 网上靠谱的彩票平台 students, faculty, staff & alumni to further connect with our campus and Milwaukee community.


Learn about how to become a student athlete or about club or intramural sports.